The Research and Development Department is a full-valued division of Ukrainian Organics. It was created in order to develop the best formula of soil improvers and fertilizers, and to improve production technology to get the highest quality of final product – Saprolife™. Our R&D team cooperates with well-known Scientists and Organic technologists in Europe:

– Evgeny Skrylnik, Ph.D. of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Organic Fertilizers and Humus, is the author of a number of scientific studies about production and using of organic fertilizers for biological agriculture and horticulture.
– Vladimir Krivonos, famous technologist with wide experience in the Middle East countries.

Ukrainian Organics works closely with The National Scientific Center “Sokolovsky Institute of Soil Science and Research” – one of leading scientific centers in Europe for managing and research work on soil science, agro chemistry and soil protection.

Sokolovsky Institute cooperates with biggest International organizations and Intergovernmental bodies, such as:

Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations

Food for Life International Platform (part of EU Commission)

– International Union of Soil Sciences

– Federation of European Microbiological Societies

The cutting edge scientific background of Saprolife™ , together with a history of successfully implemented projects makes Saprolife™ one of the most effective soil improvers and fertilizers nowadays. Saprolife™ transforms poor sandy soil to fertile soil where it is possible to grow many types of plants for farming, landscaping, urban greenery, flower-growing and gardening. 

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