Ukrainian Organics is one of the biggest manufacturers of 100% organic soil improvers and fertilizers based on sapropel in Europe. The company covers a full technical cycle of sapropel extraction, processing, packing and bulk sales. The factory is located in the Volyn region of Western Ukraine and operates a facility with production capacities of up to 20 000 tons annually. Our equipment, extraction and manufacturing technologies comply with the European standards for organic production. The company’s structure consists of Volynsaprofos LLC (ISO-Standard Production Facility which was established in 1986) and Ukrainian Organics LLC (Sales Company) with head office in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev.

Our soil improvers and fertilizers are based on sapropel – centuries-old bottom sediments of freshwater lakes, which were formed from dead aquatic vegetation, remnants of living organisms, plankton, and soil humus particles containing a large amount of organic matter, humus. Our soil improvers and fertilizers are universal and perfectly fit the requirements of any type of soil.    


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✿ Agronomic support at all stages:

1)Providing to our clients scientifically based guidelines for the use of organic and organic-mineral fertilizers.

2)Assistance in agrochemical inspection of soils, creation and adaptation of plant nutrition system for our clients.

Constant consulting and support of our clients.

✿ ISO certified production with quality control system on every stage from mining of raw material to packaging of final product. 

✿ 2,5 million ton of our own deposits – we guarantee enough stock for every client.

✿ We have full set of documents and certificates in place (mining certificate, state certificate,ISO 9001, ISO 14001, German Organic Certification, certificate from Organic Standard, etc.).

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